"agents": {
    "<agent-name>": "<top-level-store-path>",
  "rollbackScript": {
    "<system>": "<store-path-to-a-rollback-script>",

agents key contains an object of many agent-name keys and store path values to deploy.

agent-name is usually a hostname, but it can be any name, as long as it’s unique. If no agent-name is registered with Cachix, HTTP error 400 will be raised.

top-level-store-path can be any store path. The agent will detect NixOS, nix-darwin and Home Manager store paths and activate them.

rollbackScript is an optional collection of per-system store path scripts that are run after each deployment. Use it to perform tests, validate the deployment, and, if necessary, trigger a rollback.

New in version 1.0.0.

system is a Nix system string, e.g. x86_64-linux or x86_64-darwin.

store-path-to-a-rollback-script is a store path to a script that is run after each deployment. If it returns with a non-zero exit code, the deployment is rolled back.