Importing from S3

New in version 1.7.


When transitioning to Cachix, it’s common practice to migrate your existing binary caches.

This document outlines the procedure for importing a binary cache from an Amazon S3 bucket into Cachix.

This migration process is beneficial for managing garbage collection, implementing enhanced authentication schemes, and consolidating multiple binary caches.


  • AWS CLI: The AWS Command Line Interface should be installed and configured on your system.

  • Cachix: Ensure that Cachix is installed. For instructions on installing Cachix, refer to the Getting Started with Cachix guide.

Importing Cache from S3

The following steps outline the process of importing a binary cache from an S3 bucket:

Step 1: Configure AWS Credentials

Before proceeding, configure your AWS credentials:

$ aws configure

Follow the prompts to input your AWS Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, and default region.

Step 2: Cachix Installation

For installation instructions and verification, refer to the Cachix getting started guide.

Step 3: Start the Import Process

To import the binary cache from your S3 bucket to Cachix, use the following command:


$ cachix import <cache-name> s3://<bucket-name>?endpoint=<uri>&region=<region>


$ cachix import mycache s3://mybucket

Replace <cache-name> with your Cachix cache name and <bucket-name> with your S3 bucket name.

Important Notes

  • Data Streaming: All contents of the cache will be streamed through the machine executing the command. It is recommended to perform this operation on a machine with a fast network connection.